Saturday, June 28, 2008


So it turns out I have medical insurance for one month beyond my quit date of July 18.. that brings me to August 20th (end of a cycle or something??) and from there I'm going to do COBRA to get me to Sept 20th. When I switch to cobra, I can choose another plan.. my COBRA options are:
Blue cross $440/mo standard ---what i'm on right now
Blue cross $335/mo basic
cheapest option of PPO is GEHA $294/mo.

I'm going to stay with Blue cross so I can stay with my same doctors/dentist/etc... but, switching to the basic plan..

So as expensive as it is, it's less than i had originally thought (I thought i'd be paying for 2 months @ $400/month). And i stay with my same docs and i don't have to worry about gettin sick...

For emergency insurance I went with WorldNomad, it was $240 for 6 months.