Friday, November 2, 2007

Oh man... sicknesses

Here's a thread on how to not get sick...

Summary points from the thread:
1. get all vaccinations (debatable)
2. don't open your mouth in the shower, brush your teeth with tapwater, or snort it up your nose for all you lovers of the netti pot (??wtf is a netti pot).
3. dry dishes thoroughly before food on them ---this may be unavoidable when eating at restaurants
4. carry Purel - wash both hands before eating
5. clean out nails
6. never touch eye or mouth without washing first
7. boil, peel or cook
8. don't take drinks with ice
9. no street vender food
10. restaurants that are really busy
11. dont eat dairy
12. ayurvedic pill of the bael fruit - prevents and fights abdominal irritibility and dysentary
13. also reiki
14. grapefruit seed extract when you eat and drink, will save you from getting sick from bacteria/ micro-organisms-- dosed up water with grapefruit seed extract by putting some drops in it and - let it set for 20 minutes. She also did the same with fruit. She floated it in bowls of water and grapefruit seed extract for 20 minutes.
15. eno for electrolytes
16. brush your teeth with tap water so that you build immune system with small amounts of bacteria at a time...(interesting suggestion)
17. salt water flush--zips through your digestive tract and brings everything out with it. 1/2 hr - 4 hrs
18. steripen. It's a fantastic little device that kills EVERYTHING in the water. Takes about 90 seconds for a liter.
19. lots of RAW saurkraut, yogurt, kombucha, rejuvalac, acidophilus, freeze dried probiotics, and Oreganoil- very powerful antivirals and antimicrobials.
20. go lightly on sweets- most bacterias feed on sugars

one person mentioned that because we live in such a sanitary environment, we are very likely to get sick from things that others who have built up immunity to these things will not.

interesting, one guys talks about how on one of the flights he was on, the airline released a pesticide inside the cabin while the passengers were on board.. the guy went into anaphylaxis shock and almost died..

ugh.. i get sick very easily... and i'm not always the greatest at being meticulously clean... i'm in for an interesting ride...


ksana said...

good to know about all of this. i found out that a neti pot is what is used in jala neti, a method of nasal irrigation -

same here; i can get sick pretty easily. hopefully we will be ok.

Anonymous said...

Stock up on Airborne too!! Mucinex works well.
Dont eat ice
Dont drink drinks with ice in them.
No frozen mixed drinks.
Only bottled water and drinks.
Dont touch animals.