Monday, November 26, 2007

Medicinal plant ceremonies while in Peru...recommended places
good for first time:
The Fifth International Amazonian Shamanism Conference: Magic, Myths & Miracles, Iquitos, Peru July 11th-18th, 2009


Herbert Quinteros Flores
Location: Tarapoto, Peru

Savia: The Center for Healing with Amazonian Medicine

Director: Herbert Quinteros Flores
Address: JR Jose Olaya 761
Telephone: 51-42-532443
Tarapoto, Peru

Cost :$ 600 USD for the dieta, not including airfare

Pros: Herbert´s business is a humble, lively new entity and his teamwork with his partner is astoundingly powerful. Tarapoto is a sweet, friendly, off-the-tourist track town if that´s what you like. You stay at Herbert´s comfy jungle home and take a boat out on the river, where you get your little hut, a hammock and the wild sounds of the jungle. 3 Ayahuasca ceremonies as well. Your individual process is concentrated on greatly. Herbert speaks English well, and he´s not only a focused shaman, but an excellent musician and a wonderful person to know.

Cons: The business is still in its beginning stages, so if you want to do ceremony or the dieta, pretty much just email Herbert, show up, and they´ll get your needs met once you´re there.

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Diego Palma runs this in Pisac, (Cusco) Peru. 3 ceremonies, room & board, local tourist excursions all for $850.00 USD.
This is also about 30km from Macchu Picchu, so plan a visit there after ceremony week.

His ceremonies are the best I have done so far. Incredible music he plays.

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