Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Where I want to go

I think it's good to start setting out where we want to go... will make it easier to begin really planning everything else...

Central America
* Honduras
* Costa Rica **me too
Porto Viejo, San Jose, Cahuita
* Panama
Bocas del Toro: scuba diving, boat through mangroves to islands, beaches
Boquete: friendly ppl, hiking, mountains, waterfalls, flowers, volcan baru
Panama City: capital, cafes, restaurants and night clubs
* Belize **me too
San Pedro

San Ignacio: jungles, caves, mayan ruins, Aktun Tunich Muknal cave, ruins of Xunantunich, take a tour to Caracol
Caye Caulker: Blue Hole, sit around enjoying the tropical atmosphere, eat lobster and dance on the beach at night
(liz) Guatemala

Antigua: old Spanish architecture, cathedrals, cobbled streets, volcanos (hiking), study Spanish, party at rooftop bars, cafes
Lake Atitlan: beautiful and peaceful, hiking, lake diving, and partying (Santa Cruz: small, quiet, local)

South America
* Peru **me too
Lima, barranco, machu pichu
* Argentina **me too
Buenos Aires LA PLAZA FRANCIA IN RECOLETA (fun park)
* Brazil **me too
(liz) Bolivia

Lake Titicaca and Salar de Uyuni

* India **me too (and i wanna go to goa)
Bagzu/ Darmsala
* Nepal **me too
Katmandhu, Annapurna Sancutary, Pokhara
* Thailand **me too
need to find the full moon parties here, Koh Samui, Ko Tao, Nong Khai,
* Laos **me too
* Malaysia **me too

Holy crap! that's alot of places. I'm looking at some of the visas and they range from 30d to 6 months. I think it'd be cool to stay at least as long as the visa :) if we can extend the visa, then great! I'd like to be able to recall what the country was like, even 10 years later... i say this because @ the end of my high school year, I went on a 1 mo europe trip (with other h.s. graduates) .. but we only spent like 3 days in each city.. and went to 8 different countries... so it was quite a whirlwind experience and i only remember bits and pieces...

I think this is good to start with... i was hoping that in the calendar, I could make plans to return to the states for burningman and maybe a week here and there for holidays to spend with family/friends.


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Lizette said...

Some suggestions from ayren:

arenal (volcano in Costa Rica)
manuel antonio (school for spanish) pretty, national park

Panama (bocas del toro) pretty, islands, coconut farm tour, fun island hopping :) porto viejo to bocas del toro...

ask briana about belize
ayren has friend in peru
Carnivale is february in Brazil