Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Vaccine thread on tribe.net and on travelinependent.info

Summary from a discussion:
Cholera – not proven to be effective?
Hepatitis A/B – get started early, much time in btwn (1 now, 1 in mo, 3 one considered booster in 6 mo) (ev 10 yrs) ~$190
Tetanus (ev 10 years)
Diptheria (ev 10 years)
Typhoid - (ev 3 years - also available as a pill) ~$69
Rabies – no preventable vaccine... $199 (per shot, 3 needed).
Yellow Fever – someone mentioned it made them ill; some places require proof of this ~$48
Malaria – save $ if bought in S. Am, 1/wk dose $5 for 7-8 wk course (where?), doxycyline (vibramycin - 1 100mg ea day, start 2d before travel, end 4 weeks after leaving), cholorquine, proguanil, mefloquine (larium - 1 250mg tab ea wk, start 1 wk before travel and cont 4 wks after exiting malarial zone), malarone (1 pill/day, then 1 (not 4 as is common) week after, not good for long trips as 28 days is the max), QUININE IS NOT RECOMMENDED
Meningitis (A+C) ~$126
Polio (ev 10 years) - ~$48

Places: Passport Health (Los Angeles)
Local state health dept
Long Beach Dept of HHS 2525 Grand Ave LB 90815
Own doctor: Hep B, tetanus, diphtheria (covered by insurance?), RX malaria meds

One person did not vaccinate before traveling; can lower defenses and catch a diff disease.


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ksana said...

hmm...maybe taking all the vaccines needed might be a bad idea. need to do more research. i do think malaria meds is something we definitely need and find a cheap place to get it.